Road Skills Testing Services

Take Your Texas Road Test at Our School Today!

Current and former students at Sam's will receive a discounted rate!

Testing slots are 15 minutes and walk out of our school with sealed envelope to turn into DPS office.

If under 18, YOU MUST HAVE HELD PERMIT FOR 6 MONTHS. Earliest testing date is on the back of the permit.

You MUST be 16 years old to take road test, even if you have held you permit for 6 months.

​Testing Services

$75.00 for Sam's Students

REGISTER from your student portal

$100.00 for Non-Students


Teen Testing Requirement (16 to 17 years old)

Learner Permit to Valid Texas Learners Permit

DE-964 Form FOR DRIVERS LICENSE ONLY (Completion of Drivers Education Certificate)

30 Hour Parent Log (Black Ink and all boxes signed)

ITTD Certificate (Impact Texas Teen Driver) received after watching 2 hour video online

PARENT TAUGHT ONLY – 14 hour BTW Instruction AND 32 hour Classroom Logs. (Black Ink and all boxes signed).

Adult Testing Requirement (18 years and older)

Valid Texas Leaners Permit

ADE-1317 Form (Complete 6 hour Adult Permit Class for ages 18-24) to Testers 18-24 year old – ADE-1317 form - DRIVERS EDUCATION COURSE EXCLUSIVELY FOR ADULTS (6 hour Adult Permit Class)

ITYD Certificate (Impact Texas Young Drivers) received after watching 1 hour video on-line